Kari Williams

Working with Patricia was an absolute blessing. Our company was experiencing a major transition and our accounting department was in shambles. Patricia was able to jump in and begin a transformation much greater than we ever expected. Not only did her expertise allow us to resolve a huge payroll mess, streamline procedures and implement systems to enhance the accuracy of our data, she also served as a powerful mentor.

Patricia’s approach to leadership training allowed me to grow exponentially from a professional perspective, ultimately giving me the tools necessary to step into the role of Controller.

Kari Williams Controller, Novavine, Sonoma County
Austin Pasha Ersan

My business would not be where it is were it not for Patricia’s coaching and wisdom. I was a young person with no previous experience in business. With her help I was able to launch in a short time and it has turned out greater than I ever dreamed it would.

Though I am a strong, physically capable person, I struggled with self-confidence in my decisions and where I wanted my business to go. Patricia increased my confidence so that my feet are rooted in the ground and now I’m a strong tree. As a result, our young staff now feel more confidence in their positions. It turned out that they needed a leader – and I needed to accept that role. Patricia helped me do that.

Patricia also brought logistical know-how. She helped us organize our business so it started to flow better. She added structure and tied this balloon down. The business has a much lighter feeling now – or maybe because I feel stronger the business feels lighter.

I would highly recommend Patricia to any business that wants to be healthy and happy, and especially businesses whose priority is improving the quality of life for others. She helps build the love and confidence in your business that will get passed down to your clients.

Austin Pasha ErsanOwner and Head CoachSonoma Strength Academy
Michael Welch

Patricia became an integral part of our business in its years of operation.  She is not only an expert at what she does, but she really cared about our success. From the very beginning she listened to us, always taking the time to patiently address our questions. She created a system that alleviated our concerns while meeting the specific needs of our business. That system ended up saving us money. It made our lives less stressful and restored the fun in running a small business.

The most amazing thing about Patricia is that she has found a way to bring heart into an area that can be frustrating and worrisome. I wholeheartedly recommend Patricia to any small business owner.

Michael WelchOwner, Holy Cow Coffee & Tea, Sebastopol

I was greatly impressed with Patricia’s approach in working with her clients. She knows how to listen and get to the heart of the matter, and to read the life in between the numbers. She is an accountant who understands the importance of both our financial balance sheet and how it relates to the reality of our lives. I recommend her without reservation.

D.D.Financial Planner
Molly Feller

Our company had tenfold the acceleration of business progress once Patricia stepped in. Within three months we became a fully functioning business with all the key structures, policies, programs and prices.  The thing to do was to get the right mindset, which was what Patricia aided in.  Yes, we would have figured it all out eventually, but it would have taken much longer, and it would have been a harder route.

As a team, meetings and communication have improved tremendously. Patricia’s unique way of questioning brings things to light that might have impeded progress before.  Now the staff thoroughly looks forward to meetings and working though the tasks together easily and quickly.

On a personal level, Patricia has provided me with a strong role model of feminine leadership.  Her personality is light, positive and encouraging, but she is succinct and direct in her communication.  Rather than being confrontational or loading me with to-do’s, she provides a way to channel my thoughts and ideas, and artfully brings things to attention and motivates me without pressure.  I end up getting so much more done, directed not by “have to” or “should” but with positive feelings. I feel I am a thousand times more confident and grounded in my own voice and contribution to the business because of Patricia.

I would recommend Patricia to other businesses hand’s down!  She offers the whole package – mindset, motivation, clarity and leadership. Not to mention she keeps the books on lock!

Molly FellerManagerSonoma Strength Academy